Tucker Carlson criticised for belittling colleague on air then emitting high-pitched cackle

Tucker Carlson once again stirred up irate social media users after he casually dismissed the views of one of his colleagues, Juan Williams, with a high pitched cackle.

During an appearance on “The Five,” Mr Carlson cut off and dismissed Mr Williams, who was arguing that Republicans were obstructing the passage of potentially GDP boosting infrastructure projects like expanding ports, improving nationwide broadband, and repairing highways and bridges throughout the country.

As soon as Mr Williams began to blame Republicans for opposing tax increases to pay for the infrastructure improvements, Mr Carlson began to cut him off.

“Got it, got it, got it,” Mr Carlson said, dismissing Mr Williams as he tried to explain his point.

Mr Williams then cut back in, saying “Let me tell you something,” before Mr Carlson cut him off again.

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“No, you haven’t told me anything actually,” Mr Carlson said. “Not one thing.”

He then let out a high-pitched cackle, mocking the man.

Users on social media were critical of Mr Carlson’s rude and dismissive treatment of his colleague, and questioned why Mr Williams’ line of discussion prompted the host to shut him down.

“Not that Juan Williams deserves my help here, but I think it’s beyond f***** up that one of the few Black people they have at Fox, gets talked over obnoxiously by the well known white supremacist Tucker Carlson, when Juan is actually sharing a legit fact/statement,” one Twitter user said.

Another Twitter user, Justin Baragona of The Daily Beast, pointed out Mr Carlson’s “sneering and snickering disdain” that he showed Mr Williams.

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