There’s Now A Vulva-Shaped Easter Egg – Of Course There Is

Nothing says Easter like a solid chocolate vulva.

Online dating app Bare Dating has launched a “vagina-shaped Easter Egg” available in white, milk and dark chocolate to “promote healthy conversations around sex positivity” this bank holiday weekend.

The egg – which technically resembles a vulva, not a vagina – will be available to buy online later today (Tuesday March 30).

The brand has produced a series of quote cards they’ll be sharing on social media to spread the message of their vulva-shaped egg.

While some make subtle sexual puns, others – “consensual sex is cliterally the best” – are slightly off the mark. (Consensual sex is the only way to have sex, not the ‘best’ way).

A survey conducted by the brand alongside the research group Tapestry found just 40% of women think dating apps are safe, compared to 62% of men. Women were more likely than men to describe online dating as “a lot of effort” (63% compared to 55%) and “hard work” (60% compared to 52%).

No, we’re not sure what that’s got to do with chocolate, either.

“The vagina has stood as a symbol for centuries – as a symbol of fertility, as a figure intended to ward off evil, and even as a symbol to honour women’s struggles,” the brand says.

“With these celebrations, we want to bring back these symbols and change the way we think about female bodies, challenging the image of women in society today with a much more female body-positive approach – especially in the dating landscape.”

Basically, they’ve created the egg to celebrate female empowerment. Either way, it follows an ever-growing list of vulva/vagina-themed products, from the ‘Fudgeina’ Christmas cake to Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous candle.

We’ll be sticking to the original ‘mini’ eggs. Thanks all the same.

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