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Starbucks Is Selling This Mug, Complete with a Gold Crown

This mug is made for Starbucks royalty.

It can be difficult to resist the siren song of Starbucks in the morning—trust me, I know! As I sit here writing this, I’m sippin’ on a salted caramel mocha with no regrets. And, while the drink selections are what keep us going back for more and more, that’s not the only thing to love about Starbucks. How could you possibly ignore all the adorable merch?

While most of us are super hyped for the upcoming Valentine’s Day merch (the color-changing cup is too cute), there’s even more out there you may not even know about. Like…this adorable crowned coffee mug!

It’s a Mug Fit for a Queen

Last October, we had the pleasure of sharing the Crowned Glass Tumblers that are part of the Starbucks Anniversary Collection in China. We’re totally in love with them, and for good reason—they’re MAJESTIC in the best way. Iridescent, stylish and crowned, these tumblers are anything but ordinary. Their beauty reflects that of those who carry them. Absolutely gorgeous!

Now, Starbucks China is adding more crowned merch as part of its Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection, and yes, we’re obsessed.

Our favorite is the small white mug complete with removable lid. Atop the lid sits a grandiose gold crown fit for a queen! The mug itself also features an adorable golden Starbucks logo and a heart with an attached tag that says “love.”

There’s also a charming little bear tumbler that reminds me of a honey bear. And yes, that one comes with a crown, too!

Where Can I Get My Own?

As I mentioned before, this collection is (sadly) only available in China. However, there is a way for you to get your crown merch fix. There are listings popping up on eBay, but be aware—they aren’t cheap! Here are several we found:

Remember, these listings are subject to change and may sell out fast. If this is merch you know you need, jump on it ASAP!

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