Scotland vs Faroe Islands, World Cup 2022 qualifier: live score and latest updates

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The World Cup campaign starts now!

The Austria result was decent, the Israel one was predictable and not ideal, and now Scotland face the Faroe Islands, who are much better than they used to be. What to expect? The answer to that, according to Steve Clarke, might be ‘a little too much’.

“The increase in expectations is because we’ve done well,” said Clarke.

“I’ve been in this job a relatively short period and we’ve managed to qualify for a major tournament for the first time in 23 years.

“We don’t want to forget that, we don’t want to forget the good feeling. I don’t want anybody to be too negative.

“We’re certainly not negative in the camp. We’re in a good place, everyone understands what we’re trying to achieve.”

“I know what my team is – I’ve actually got it written down, it’s in my pocket. I know the formation. But it’s not something to share with the general public before the game.

“We understand the need to get the three points, so maybe a little bit less experimentation and fewer changes than maybe I’d make for a third match.”

The other thing to remember is that tonight’s opponents are not the walkovers they once were and Scotland need to treat the match with at least a little caution.

“The Faroes gave Austria a fright. I think they’ll come at us, same as they did to Austria. They put a lot of balls in the box, they have a long throw and good delivery on set-plays.

“They’re a good team, not the Faroes of 10, 20, 30 years ago when they first broke into the international scene. They’re well organised and know what they’re doing.”

Kick off is 7:45pm.

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