Resign Sturgeon! Billboards appear across Scotland demanding SNP leader quit

The SNP leader is under intense scrutiny as a Scottish parliament committee investigates her government’s handling of sexual harassment complaints against her predecessor Alex Salmond. Critics have suggested Ms Sturgeon may have mislead parliament about what she knew about the allegations.

If proven this would constitute a breach of the ministerial code and the SNP chief would face pressure to resign.

Billboards reading ‘#ResignSturgeon’ have been put up in Scotland’s three biggest cities.

Also on Friday an aerial banner with the same wording was flown over Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The billboards were produced by anti-SNP groups The Majority and Scotland Matters.

Speaking to The Telegraph Alan Sutherland, a Scotland Matters representative, said: “We call on the First Minister to do the right thing for Scotland: resign and let us focus on recovery from the pandemic.

“She has done great damage to our country and Parliament’s reputation, here and abroad, by conducting an undignified, very public dispute with her former SNP colleague, while preventing the Salmond enquiry from seeing evidence that is crucial to a proper investigation.”

The Majority, a new group launched in June last year, claims to speak for Scotland’s “anti-Nationalist majority”.

In a statement posted on Friday it said: “Today, The Majority, with the support of Scotland Matters, UK Union Voice and over 250 donors who contributed to a crowdfunding campaign, launches the #ResignSturgeon campaign, the first in a series of campaigns leading up to the Scottish Elections on May 6.

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Scots go to the polls in May to elect the next Scottish Parliament.

The SNP are demanding a second referendum on Scotland leaving the UK, after losing the first vote in 2014.

Ms Sturgeon said: “This is about democracy and the ability of the people of Scotland to decide their future.”

Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Westminster leader, has suggested there could be another public vote “as early as late 2021”.

He added a referendum should take place “as quick as is practically possible”.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross branded the move “reckless and wholly irresponsible”.

Boris Johnson has vowed to block another independence referendum saying the matter was “settled” in 2014.

The Prime Minister has suggested another public vote shouldn’t be held until 2054 as senior SNP figures pledged the 2014 poll would be “once in a generation”.

However some nationalist leaders have suggested the SNP could hold another referendum if it wins May’s election even if the Scottish Parliament disapproves.

Should this happen Mr Ross has urged unionists to boycott the poll.

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