Princess Anne’s cool response to Crown actress’ claims about her tricky hair do – ‘How?’

The Princess Royal has humorously responded to Ms Doherty’s remarks about her hair, after the actress described the transformation process. Ms Doherty branded Princess Anne’s hairdo “it’s own beast” as styling it was a tedious task that would often take hours when filming.

Speaking to Town & Country, the actress said: “Makeup literally took 10 minutes, but hair, sometimes it would take two hours.

“It’s its own beast. Literally, I would sit in the chair, people would come in and go and come in and go, and I sat still in the same place.

“But it was so necessary for her character because it felt like her hair and her fashion were the way that she was able to express herself in the confined, controlled environment that she grew up in.”

During an appearance on ITV’s documentary Anne: The Princess Royal at 70, Anne questioned why the recreation of her trademark hairdo on the actress would take so long.

She said: “Actually I read an article the other day about The Crown, the actress was talking about how long it took them to do their hair like I did.

“And I’m thinking, ‘How could you possibly take that long?’ I mean it takes me 10 or 15 minutes.”

The Princess Royal has received praise from royal fans for her hard work as a member of the Firm.

But according to one body language expert, Anne would often compete with her late aunt Princess Margaret to be the “glamour-puss” in the public sphere.

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