Prince William terrified Princess Beatrice and Eugenie with Easter prank

Ex-royal chef Darren McGrady recalled a hilarious episode involving a young William and his cousins. Mr McGrady, who worked for the royals for 15 years, described how he made a chocolate egg with a sugar mouse.

But William left Beatrice and Eugenie terrified after biting the mouse’s head off, according to the former royal chef.

Mr McGrady told OK! magazine: “One year I made a chocolate egg with a Hickory Dickory Dock nursery rhyme theme.

“It had a clock on the top striking one and a sugared mouse peeking out of a mousehole.

“We sent it up to the nursery on the silver tray, but 15 minutes later the Footman brought it back.

“He said, ‘Nanny asked me to return this. Prince William has just stood on a chair and bitten the mouse’s head off, frightening Beatrice and Eugenie.’

“We had to quickly make another mouse, pop it in the hole and send it back to the nursery.

“I think Nanny put the egg out of William’s reach to make sure it didn’t happen again!”

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“Boxes of them are provided for everyone to nibble on.

“At Windsor we always made our own Easter eggs too.

“Those for the adults would be decorated in pretty sugared flowers and placed on the table, so people could break off pieces.

“There were no Easter egg hunts back then but we’d make special novelty eggs for the children.”

The Queen spent this Easter at Windsor Castle, where she has been based for much of the lockdown.

The monarch is with Prince Philip and a reduced household dubbed HMS Bubble.

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