‘Nothing sacred to this duo!’ Meghan Markle and Harry are cashing in on royal titles -poll

Piers Morgan levelled the accusation at the couple in an interview with conservative US television presenter Tucker Carlson. The former GMB host slated the couple for their commercial deals with media companies such as Spotify and Netflix. And an exclusive Express.co.uk poll found Mr Morgan’s views were shared by the vast majority of readers.

The poll asked: “Do you agree Harry and Meghan are cashing in on their royal titles?”

The survey showed a staggering 97 percent (14,800 people) agreed that Harry and Meghan were cashing in on their royal titles.

Just 3 percent (464 people) disagreed with Mr Morgan’s position and 38 people said they weren’t sure.

A total of 15,302 readers took part in the online poll which ran from 10am until 10pm on Tuesday April 6 2021.

One reader said: “Without their titles they would be just another so-called celebrity couple in Los Angeles.

“Good luck to them – as long as they stay in the United States and do not come back to the UK.

“What would happen to them if the Queen decided to revoke their titles is worth pondering. I reckon their ‘life at the top’ would take a downward spiral.”

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Another said: “Of course they are cashing in on the titles even though they pronounce the family is toxic.

“Now they are cashing in on the veterans, as they are doing a Netflix deal about them.

“Disgusting in my opinion. They are the lowest of the low.

“He is even not letting his mother rest in peace. Nothing is sacred to this shameless duo.”

Mr Morgan told Tucker Carlson: “Good luck to them if they can get away with it but I think Americans should be on to this now.

“How much money would they be making if they weren’t the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their anodyne views on a podcast to Spotify?

Zero! Right?

“They’re not making all this money through talent – Meghan was an OK actress on a show not many people watched”.

He then accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of “complete hypocrisy” over their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

He said: “Would they be getting a two-hour interview with Oprah if they weren’t Royal? Of course, they wouldn’t.

“Would they be on an open-top bus going through Hollywood with James Corden if they weren’t Royal?

“No! So their entire existence is now being financed by their Royal connection, the same Royal connection which they spent nearly two hours lambasting and saying how much they hated.”

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