Nicola Sturgeon threatens Scotland with FOURTH lockdown if cases spiral out of control

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon addressed the country in her coronavirus briefing on Tuesday afternoon. During her briefing, Ms Sturgeon warned that Scotland could see another lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in the same way France has. She insisted that countries are still having to deal with the surge in cases despite successful vaccine rollouts. 

Ms Sturgeon warned against dropping measures too soon or behaving too brashly in order to return the country back to normal. 

She said: “We can still see here and in more starkly in other parts of the world, Covid is not out.

“It is a virus that is very much still with us.

“Here in Scotland every day we are still seeing hundreds of people test positive for it and all of the new cases that we are seeing reported now are of the new variant that emerged just before Christmas. 

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“As we know, that variant is more infectious than the variant we were dealing with earlier last year.

“That is indeed why some countries in Europe are having to tackle big increases in new cases.

“We are seeing countries like France, for example, applying new lockdowns so that is what could still happen here if we let down our guard too far or too quickly. 

“That is what we have collectively be determined that we are not going to allow to happen here.” 

More to follow… 

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