Mitch McConnell offers prayers after Capitol car attack

Senator Mitch McConnell offered his prayers following the car attack that killed a Capitol Police officer, issuing one of the first public statements by congressional leaders on the incident.

“Praying for the United States Capitol Police officers who were attacked at the Capitol,” the Senate Minority Leader wrote. “We are still learning what’s taken place. Grateful to all the USCP and first responders who are on the scene.”

US Capitol Police say a vehicle rammed into two officers outside the Capitol on Friday, killing one of them and leaving the other injured. A suspect was shot. Mr McConnell posted his tweet before the officer’s death was announced.

The Capitol is now under lockdown, and the USCP has ordered congressional staff to stay indoors and away from doors and windows.

This was the first attack on the Capitol since 6 January, when a mob of Trump supporters stormed the building, leading to the deaths of five people. Mr McConnell condemned that attack and blamed then-President Trump for it, but voted not to convict him at his impeachment trial.

Yogananda Pittman, acting chief of the USCP, asked for the public’s support as she announced the death of the officer killed today.

“This has been an extremely difficult time for US Capitol police after the events of January 6, and now the events that have occurred here today,” Ms Pittman said at a press conference. “So I ask that you keep our US Capitol police family in your thoughts and prayers.”

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