Meghan Markle will NEVER return to UK – ‘She isn’t loved by Royal Family or Britons’

Meghan Markle’s popularity ratings in the UK have plummeted in the aftermath of her sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey. Commenting on the British response to the programme, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a number of bombshell claims about the Royal Family, a commentator has said Meghan is unlikely to visit the UK anytime soon.

Royal author Anna Pasternak told Fox News: “Will Meghan Markle return to the UK?

“My speculative answer would be no, not if she can help it.

“Sadly, I cannot see her ever becoming a loved and cherished member of the Royal Family with the unified respect and adoration of the British people.

“I think that ship has sailed.”

Meghan and Harry have recevied a fierce backlash in the UK for particiapting in the tell-all chat with Oprah.

They have been criticised for openly discussing private family matters and for making inaccurate claims.

For example, the couple’s claim they got married three days before their Windsor wedding was proven inaccuate.

Meghan’s claim her son Archie was denied a royal title has also been questioned, as under long-standing rules the youngster wasn’t entitled to become a Prince until Prince Charles ascends the throne.

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“And from personal knowledge, it is understood that Prince Charles, Prince William, Duchess Kate Middleton and the queen – they were just so shocked and saddened by [the allegations].”

Recent polling shows Meghan and Harry’s popularity has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded.

In a survey of 1,664 British adults polled by YouGov between March 10-11, less than half (45 percent) said they have a positive opinion of Prince Harry.

Those who regard him negatively are 48 percent, resulting in a net favorability score of -3.

This marks a major drop of 15 points since YouGov’s last favorability poll carried out between March 1 and 2.

Meghan’s popularity took an even greater hit, with just 31 percent of those polled having a positive opinion of her.

58 percent have a negative view of the Duchess of Sussex after the Oprah interview.

Her net favorability score is now at -27, down from -14 she held 10 days ago.

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