Meghan interview will finish off the British monarchy in Australia – ‘out of touch’

In the no holds barred interview, the Duchess of Sussex revealed that life became so unbearable for her during her time as a Royal member, that she lost the will to live and contemplated suicide. She also revealed that another Royal member had expressed concerns over what the colour of Archie’s skin would be. Many commentators believe that the interview has seriously damaged the reputation and standing of the British monarchy.

Some have predicted that this is the worst crisis the Royal institution has faced since 1936, when Edward VIII abdicated the throne and that its very existence is now at threat.

Sandy Biar, the National director for the Australian Republican movement, told the in a statement that the interview served to show Australians just how out of touch the Royal Family are.

He argued that this would strengthen support for a final break with the British monarchy.

Mr Biar explained:”The latest Newspoll showed support for an Australian republic at 62 per cent.

“As more Australians come to see how out of touch the British Monarchy is, the more we’ll see momentum continue to increase.

“The idea of hereditary rule is as foreign to Australians as the British Monarchy, and Australians overwhelmingly want to know that important decisions affecting our nation’s future are in Australian hands.”

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“Since 1999, another four million voters have come onto the electoral roll, either through immigration or being too young to vote,” he said.

“Many of us who are actually working on the campaign were too young to vote in 1999.

“So there is the renewed enthusiasm for this change across Australia going on at the moment and again the demographic shifts are certainly moving in our way.”

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