Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview: live updates as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reveal all

It will surely be explosive – over the next few hours the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will spell out to Oprah Winfrey in a blockbuster television interview why they turned their backs on royal life. 

The teasing trailers have already offered a glimpse of what is to come from Prince Harry and Meghan – the couple will tell “their truth”, with the Duchess describing her ordeal at the heart of royal life as “almost unsurvivable”.

Racism, rifts, and a falling-out with The Firm – nothing is expected to be off -limits, with the Royal family braced for a slew of damaging revelations. 

The interview, being broadcast in the US on CBS, will be shown in the UK at 9pm on Monday on ITV.  But we’ll be bringing you the latest on it here now in our live blog. 

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PR savvy or a faux pas?

Oprah Winfrey is the queen of the chat show, but is she the right person to interview Harry and Meghan? The Telegraph’s Robin Aitken has his reservations about the move. 

He writes:  “I can see the temptation – it gives them a huge audience and an opportunity to enlist the sympathy of the credulous – but it comes at a cost. The thing which Harry and Meghan stand to lose is their authenticity. How can we take them seriously when so much about their lives now seems so phony and fake?

For one thing the idea that this is any kind of normal journalistic interview is wrong. Oprah Winfrey is no even-handed inquisitor. She has built a reputation and media empire by monetising flattery – the same technique employed with huge success by Hello! magazine.

If you look at Oprah’s back catalogue (and it’s vast; she has interviewed more than 30,000 people in her long career) what stands out is the way she shamelessly massages the egos of her famous guests; but then occasionally she goes on to be unexpectedly sharp and insinuating. 

It’s a technique that can pay dividends but it doesn’t entirely dispel the suspicion that she often pulls her punches.

You can read more here. 


‘Were you silent, or were you silenced?

This was the first teaser CBS released, and in it Oprah Winfrey reveals “there is no subject that is off-limits”. She asks the Duchess of Sussex: “Were you silent, or were you silenced?”


Your essential pre-interview read

The Telegraph’s Associate Editor, Camilla Tominey, has written this forensic account of how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ended up here, beginning back in October 2017. She writes: 

The Telegraph has spoken to a number of well-placed insiders who witnessed first-hand the turmoil within the royal household from Meghan’s arrival as Prince Harry’s girlfriend to the couple’s decision to 
stand down as working royals last year. All spoke on the condition of anonymity amid claims they had been operating in a “climate of fear”, where employees were routinely “humiliated” in front of their peers and repeatedly subjected to “unreasonable demands” by both Meghan and Harry.

It’s an unmissable piece and you can read it in full here. 


Five thorny issues we can expect to crop up 

The tiny crumbs from the interview that CBS has already thrown out tell us that it is going to be unmissable. 

The slickly produced, dramatic teasers have quashed any lingering hopes that the couple might stick to more mundane and diplomatic subject matters. Instead, they will lift the lid on life behind palace walls in a manner no member of the family has done for decades.

Here, Victoria Ward highlights five issues likely to be hot topics, with racism top of the list. As she writes: 

From the moment Meghan Markle arrived on the royal scene, the couple have claimed that press coverage has contained undercurrents of racism. She will almost certainly talk about race in Britain but more damaging would be claims that the royal institution itself was racist.

Read her full article here. 

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