Meghan and Harry prepare to ‘go to war’ with Royal Family amid plan to air uncut interview

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would “go to war” with the Royal Family if Oprah Winfrey decides to release the unseen 90 minutes cut from the original interview. It is understood more than 90 minutes of Harry and Meghan’s in-depth interview with Oprah did not make the final cut. Sunrise’s entertainment reporter Peter Ford discussed the latest talks behind the scenes during an appearance on the Australian morning TV show.

He revealed the release of the unseen interview would be a move from Meghan and Harry’s side towards a “war with the Royal Family”.

Mr Ford said: “The word is now that they are looking to put together a director’s cut of the interview, using a lot of the stuff that didn’t make it in the first time around.

“There comes a point where Harry and Meghan have to decide are they looking for their freedom, do they want to create a new life?

“Or do they want to have a war with the Royal Family, because that is more and more what it’s looking like.”

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Mr Ford then raised the explosive scenario of where Harry may want to stop the unseen interview’s release, but Oprah could air it anyway.

He continued: “What would be really interesting scenario is if Harry or Meghan decide they don’t want any more of it to go to air.

“But Oprah says ‘It’s mine, I own it, and there is 40 million bucks more to be made out of this’. So watch this space!”

This comes as the original explosive tell-all interview Oprah Winfrey has garnered thousands of complaints among British viewers with broadcasting regulator Ofcom.

Prince Harry reflected on his strained relationship with Prince William and Prince Charles.

Meghan Markle is set to face further criticism in the coming days, as former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan gives his first TV interview since quitting ITV.

The outspoken journalist will chat to US TV host Tucker Carlson on Monday for his video podcast on Fox Nation.

Mr Morgan ended up quitting GMB over his staunch opposition to the Duchess. 

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