Meghan and Harry Oprah interview – live: Markle ‘didn’t want to be alive’ as she reveals details of royal life

The interview gives viewers a first look inside the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex since stepping down from their roles as senior members of the royal family.  A friend of the couple says that the special draws a line under a chapter of their lives and they want to “move on”.

Meghan has revealed that concerned conversations were had about how dark her child’s skin would be when she was pregnant and that as he was not a prince, he wouldn’t receive protection.

It was also revealed that she and Harry were actually married by the Archbishop of Canterbury three days before their royal wedding, and a story about Meghan making Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, cry actually happened the other way around. She praised Kate for apologising for the incident.

In another moment she spoke warmly about the Queen who she described as “wonderful” and that the whole family had welcomed her.

Prince William is reportedly “livid” at the prospect of his brother and sister-in-law’s tell-all interview with reports saying it could be the “final nail” in the brothers’ relationship. Ahead of its broadcast tonight in the US, Harry has spoken with the Queen and been in regular contact with Prince Charles.


It’s a girl!

Harry has joined them and says: “To have a boy and then a girl? What more can you ask for?”

The baby is due in the summer.

Oliver O’Connell8 March 2021 02:11


Meghan tells Oprah she ‘didn’t want to be alive anymore’

Oliver O’Connell8 March 2021 02:08


Oprah asks what the palace might think of her speaking out as she is.

Meghan says: “I am not going to live my life in fear.”

Repeating the claim made in one of the teaser trailers, she says that the Firm has played an “active role in perpetuating falsehoods about us”.

Oliver O’Connell8 March 2021 02:07


Meghan says she told Harry she was having suicidal thoughts in the middle of the night and that she could not be left alone because she was afraid that she might harm herself.

“This is real, this is not some abstract idea, this is methodical, this is not who I am.”

On depression, she says: “It takes so much courage to admit you need help. It takes so much courage to voice that. I was ashamed.”

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Meghan says she told the palace that she needed to get help for mental health concerns and had thoughts of suicide.

She wanted to go to an institution to seek treatment.

“I just didn’t want to be alive anymore.”

Oliver O’Connell8 March 2021 01:57


Meghan won’t reveal who had the concerned conversation about how dark the skin of her child would be because it would be damaging to them.

She heard about the conversation through Harry.

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Meghan says that the issue of their child not having the title prince was about the protection angle and not the title itself. The decision was not theirs.

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