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Meet the Dinestle Merchant App

Today we are excited to introduce the Dinestle Merchant App. To help speed up our order processing, we’ve created a dedicated order processing merchant app, so you can seamlessly accept and fulfill orders.

This app allows you to manage your business’s orders on Dinestle in a single, centralized place. Whether you’d rather have a single device in your store or an app that all your staff can use on their own phones, Dinestle Merchant Manager flexes to fit your unique needs! Here’s everything the app offers:

  • Order monitoring. You’ll be able to get notifications for each new, in progress, canceled, and delivered order.
  • Connect with your customers at the tap of a button
  • Receive insights and recommendations customized to your business
  • Device flexibility. Run the app on any combination of tablets and mobile phones.
  • Real-time syncing. Run the app on multiple devices at the same time, all your staff will be able to see and manage orders with no duplicates or missed orders.
  • Control in the palm of your hand. Can’t be at your store all the time? No problem! The app lets you cancel orders, mark items out of stock, and turn your delivery capabilities off and on from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

How it works

The Dinestle Merchant App, works similarly to the experience on the web portal:

  1. Login into your merchant account
  2. Wait for new orders to come in
  3. Start processing, tracking and updating order status.

“Dinestle Merchant is a trusted business partner in your pocket. Access live data for your business and act quickly to resolve issues and respond to customers. It’s the innovation you need to reach new customers and keep them coming back.” Karama Ahmed  – Accounts Executive Dinestle

Note: This app is for merchants that are using Dinestle as an on-demand delivery platform. For more information about signing up to be a Dinestle partner, please visit

New to Dinestle?

Start by creating your merchant account here and download the Dinestle Merchant app for Android.

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