Line Of Duty Fans Think They’ve Spotted A Clever Nod To One Of Kelly Macdonald’s Past Roles

Line Of Duty fans are a clever bunch, aren’t they?

Some viewers think they have spotted a clever nod of one of Kelly Macdonald’s previous roles hidden in the latest episode. 

Sunday night’s instalment of the hit BBC drama saw corrupt officer Ryan Pilkington attempt to kill suspect Terry Boyle by crashing his police escort into a lake. 

However, there was something about the car that felt familiar to many. 

Steffan HillBBC/World Productions

Kelly Macdonald as DCI Joanne Davidson in Line Of Duty

A number of eagle-eyed fans on Twitter believed that the vehicle’s number plate was an Easter egg for fans of the iconic film Trainspotting, which Kelly appeared in as Diane Coulston in 1996. 

The car’s registration was BE66 BAI, which they believed was a reference to the character of Begbie, who was played by Robert Carslie in the film. 

Of course, this was not the only thing that fans spotted during Sunday’s episode. 

Some believed it featured a major clue about the elusive “H” in the unlikeliest of places – the tiles in the kitchen of John Corbett’s widow Steph…

Others picked up on a filming fail during a scene where DI Steve Arnott was seen hurrying away into a lift to escape an impromptu department drug test.

A camera man could be seen in the reflection of the glass as the AC-12 detective backed into the corner of the lift. 

During a tense scene from episode three of the new series, DS Steve Arnott is seen hurrying away into a lift to escape an impromptu department drug test.

Line Of Duty continues on Sunday night at 9pm on BBC One.

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