Jordan’s Queen Noor calls coup plot allegations ‘wicked slander’

Queen Noor, widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan, said allegations by the authorities against her son, the former Crown Prince Hamza, of an attempted coup amounted to “wicked slander”.

Jordan’s military said on Saturday that King Abdullah’s half-brother and former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein had been told to halt actions used to target the country’s “security and stability”.

“Praying that truth and justice will prevail for all the innocent victims of this wicked slander,” Noor Al-Hussein tweeted. “God bless and keep them safe.”

The warning to Prince Hamza was part of a broader, ongoing security investigation in which a former minister, a junior member of the royal family and unnamed others were detained.

Prince Hamza said in a video recording he was under house arrest and had been told to stay at home and not contact anyone.

Speaking in English in the video, passed by his lawyer to the BBC, he said he was not part of any foreign conspiracy and denounced the ruling system as corrupt.

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