Join in with free online PE lessons: yoga

North Hertfordshire College have picked up the baton for the online PE classes, in partnership with The Telegraph’s Keep Kids Active campaign, with their latest offering focusing on yoga.

While a yoga mat is preferable, it is not essential, with just a small space required to go through stretches and yoga poses. The 30-minute task is to then go away and try the paired stretching with someone in your bubble. 

Videos go live before 9am each morning, but remain available throughout the day to ensure pupils can fit in their hour’s activity with the other classes that have already been planned by their schools. All abilities and fitness levels are catered for, with an easier option explained for the more difficult tasks.

Loughborough College and Ashmole Academy have both previously supplied five days-worth of classes.

Visit The Telegraph’s Keep Kids Active page to view all previous PE lessons 

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