ITV Boss Speaks Out On Replacing Piers Morgan On Good Morning Britain: ‘There’s Nobody Like Him, For Good Or Bad’


Piers Morgan on what would prove to be his penultimate episode of Good Morning Britain

Speaking to Deadline about the task of replacing him, Kevin said: “Piers is a special thing. You can’t replace somebody like him. There is nobody like Piers, for good or bad.

“We have a roster of presenters, including Ben (Shephard), Susanna (Reid), Charlotte (Hawkins) and Kate (Garraway).

“They’re all stepping up and doing a few more days than they would have done.

“We’ll mix and match until we feel what the right thing is to do. There isn’t a single person (who can replace him).”

Kevin joked he was “amazed” the former tabloid editor had remained on GMB for so long and said they had shared a “good innings”.

He also insisted relations between Piers and ITV, which also broadcasts his Life Stories interview series, remain positive.

He said: “Half the world wanted Piers dead and half the world wanted a statue erected in his favour. You need to tread a diplomatic line.

“Piers felt he was doing the right thing, felt very strongly about it, and we just felt it wasn’t quite compatible with some of the things we’re involved with. It was an amicable split.”


Piers with former GMB co-host Susanna Reid

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