It’s too soon to tell the story of the Covid-19 pandemic – we’re still living through it

The selection of the other contributors, though, made less sense. Why choose this particular hospital doctor from Leamington Spa; why illustrate the awfulness of parents dying alone in care homes via one woman in Iceland?

The fact that Covid-19 has taken the greatest toll on the poorest in society was represented by a man from the mayor’s office in Colombia. There, residents hung red rags from their windows to signal that they were in desperate need of food parcels. An interesting topic, but one country of many with such problems.

All of these people made thoughtful contributions, but they were such disparate voices that the film seemed unfocused. There was also a bigger question: was this needed at all?

There have been plenty of documentaries about the crisis. It told us nothing we don’t know already. How could we not know it? We’re still living through it.

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