‘Independence dream is over!’ Sturgeon mocked as poll shows slump in support

Critics claim the SNP has become a single-issue party under Ms Sturgeon’s leadership while other issues such as education and public health are neglected. Scottish Conservative MP Andrew Bowie has said everything is still to play for as the Holyrood elections draw closer. He pointed out that recent polls have shown a drop in Scots supporting independence in a warning to Nicola Sturgeon.

Mr Bowie said: “I think their minds could be changed.

“Although recent polls do show that a majority of Scots show they’re more in favour of independence than before, the most recent poll was the fourth in the row that support for independence had actually dropped.

“When you include the don’t knows, only 49 percent in that last poll supported independence.

“That’s far too high for someone who supports Scotland maintaining its place in the UK but it’s far below the 60 percent that Nicola Sturgeon said she would like to see before she calls another referendum.

“And certainly far below before anyone could be confident in one outcome or the other.”

Mr Bowie’s comments, reported by Express.co.uk, were backed by readers.

One said: “Independence dream is over. Scotland will remain in the union where it belongs.

“Scots cannot trust Nicola with their future and they are beginning to see the EU for what it really is.”

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Another said: “Everything the SNP does is driven by driving IndyRef2.

“Meanwhile, everything else in Scottish politics is neglected and gone down the pan.

“Even their name is a misnomer. It should be changed to the SIP The Scottish Independence Party. At least then the Scottish electorate would know what they are voting for!”

Another  reader said: “Voting for the SNP is like jumping out a perfectly good plane without a parachute hoping the EU will catch you before hitting the ground.”

Mr Bowie said the First Minister should be focused on the coronavirus pandemic and rebuilding the economy.

He said: “It’s a perfectly valid position for a political party or movement to have Scotland separate from the UK, it’s equally valid for a party to want to see Scotland rejoin the European Union.

“However I do not think it should be the priority for anybody right now.”

Scotland goes to the polls on May 6.

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