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How to Order on Dinestle Mobile App

Established in 2019 in Tanga, Tanzania, Dinestle is a logistics-based platform and delivery service working with restaurant chains, independent restaurants and merchants to bring their food and products to your home or office via drivers, most of them on motorcycles. The name, as explained in About Company page: “Dine as dining and stle as Winestle the parent company letters to stand with Winestle mission and cultures. At Dinestle we want people to have a best dining experience wherever they are.” From its initial offering in Tanga.

How it works

Step 1

Download the mobile app through App Store or Google Play Store

Photo by Wilson Jacob, Courtesy of Tough Studio

Step 2

Open the mobile app on your phone, find your favorite restaurant or merchant. You can find your favorite restaurant by searching, via cuisine or by entering your location and the mobile app will show nearby restaurants and merchants.

Step 3

Browse the menu and tap the food you want to order, choose ingredients, cooking preferences, side dishes and drinks if available, then add to cart.

Step 4

Visit your cart, enter details needed like physical address, mobile phone number, delivery time and login or signup using your email, Facebook or Google account if not yet. Also don’t forget to tip our dereva for the amazing work they do. Then place order button and your order will be sent to the merchant for the preparation.

Step 5

Prepare your dining place and wait for our dereva as they pick up your order and deliver straight to your doorstep. Remember all our dereva will use all precautions as they pick up and deliver your food during this tough times of COVID-19.

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