Google dismisses permanent working from home – live updates

Google has dismissed the prospect of permanent working from home in a memo to staff that says it hopes to have the majority back in the office by September 1.

Staff at the tech giant will have to apply to work more than 14 days per year away from the office in an end to the flexible working culture during the pandemic that many Silicon Valley companies initially pushed for.

Google was one of the first companies to send staff home at the start of the crisis. Google said staff could apply for long term working from home “in the most exceptional circumstances”, but it could call them back to the office at any point, according to a memo seen by CNBC.

Some other tech giants, such as Twitter and Square, have said thousands of staff can stay at home permanently.

Elsewhere today, TSMC, the Taiwanese chipmaker, is going to spend $100bn on expanding its facilities amid surging demand for semiconductor tech.

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