George Floyd news — live: Officers used ‘excessive’ force, LAPD expert says, as Derek Chauvin trial continues

Officers have to give medical aid ‘if it’s a critical situation,’ trainer says in Chauvin trial

The murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin enters its eighth day on Wednesday morning, following another day of witness testimony on Tuesday.

Several senior members of the Minneapolis police force have testified against Mr Chauvin this week in a damning indictment of the former officer’s actions, with police chief Medaria Arradondo telling the court on Monday that officer Chauvin should not have put his knee into George Floyd’s neck.

On Tuesday, Jody Stiger, a use of force expert from the Los Angeles Police Department, agreed, stating in testimony: “My opinion was that the force was excessive.”

Mr Stiger noted that officers initially had grounds to use force on Mr Floyd, since he was “actively resisting” arrest and flailing as officers tried to get him into a squad car.

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“Initially when Mr Floyd was being put in the backseat of the vehicle, he was actively resisting the officers,” Mr Stiger testified.

“However, once he was placed in the prone position on the ground, he slowly ceased his resistance and at that point the ex-officers, they should have slowed down or stopped their force as well,” he added.

The jury is set to reconvene at 9:15am CT (3:15 UK) on Wednesday, as Mr Stiger returns to the witness stand for further questioning.

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Just because George Floyd could talk, it doesn’t mean he had enough air

Just because George Floyd was able to speak up to say he couldn’t breathe, that doesn’t mean he had a safe amount of air during his fatal arrest.

That’s according to Nicole Mackenzie, a former EMT and the medical support coordinator for the Minneapolis Police Department, who testified in the Derek Chauvin murder trial on Tuesday.

Mr Chauvin faces multiple murder charges after he was recorded on video kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes during an arrest last May over a counterfeit $20 bill.

“There is a possibility that somebody could be in respiratory distress and still be able to verbalise it,” Ms Mackenzie said. “Just because they’re speaking doesn’t mean they’re breathing adequately.”

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LAPD expert says ‘excessive’ force was used against George Floyd

Derek Chauvin went overboard when he kneeled on George Floyd’s neck, according to a police expert, the latest in a string of experienced officers to condemn the former Minneapolis officer’s conduct during a murder trial.

“My opinion was that the force was excessive,” Jody Stiger, a use of force expert from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), said in testimony on Tuesday.

In addition to Mr Stiger, four other senior officers this week, including Minneapolis’ police chief, have said Mr Chauvin was not following proper police training when he remained on top of Mr Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, as the handcuffed man cried that he couldn’t breathe and eventually lost consciousness.

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