EU crisis: Vaccine centres shut as bloc’s supplies dwindle – as others take HOLIDAY

The European Union’s abysmal vaccination rollout has been further ridiculed after vaccination centres across the bloc took the Easter weekend off. Vaccination centres in Madrid, Spain, where only five percent of the population have been vaccinated, halted vaccinations for four days so medical staff could rest over Easter. In Germany, multiple vaccination sites shut down across the states of Thuringia and Brandenburg in a move that stunned locals.

In other German federal states, such as Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, vaccination centre closures are possible given the low number of vaccines on site.

One Deutsche Welle reporter, Janelle Dumalaon, tweeted: “Some vaccination centres are going to be shut over the Easter weekend.

“But that’s okay because it’s not like this is an emergency or anything.”

Leave.EU also took to Twitter to mock the German leaders and said: “German leaders pummelled by the press for this… Because everyone knows COVID-19 takes the holidays off!”

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RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij pointed out that the closures come just days after the WHO branded Europe’s vaccine rollout woefully inadequate and “unacceptably slow”.

Earlier this week, French President Emmanuel Macron had even said: “Vaccination is a national priority. There is no bank holiday, no weekend for vaccination.

“So, we must fully vaccinate.”

Ms Dubenskij continued: “In some regions, vaccination rates are grinding to a standstill.

Just under 11 percent of the German population have received the first vaccination dose.

In comparison, around 47 percent of the UK population has now received a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

The closures in both Germany and Spain were blamed on a lack of vaccine supply.

Locals responded to the closure with disappointment, with a resident stressing that vaccination is “obviously the only solution to the dilemma”.

The nation’s largest-selling tabloid, Bild, wrote: “Chancellor Merkel and numerous experts are warning of the third corona wave.

“Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate was the motto.

“And Germany? In some vaccination centres prefer to take an Easter break.”

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