Elon Musk’s Neuralink allows monkey to play Pong with its mind – live updates

Neuralink, the brain-controlled computer start-up set up by Elon Musk, has shown off its latest breakthrough: Teaching a monkey to play Pong using a chip in its brain.

The business has developed a way for its sensor to monitor the brain activity of a macaque monkey, translating its thoughts into on-screen movements of Pong paddles.

Neuralink hopes that advances in the technology will eventually allow paralysed people to interact with computers using just their minds.

Elsewhere, the US blacklisted seven Chinese supercomputing companies yesterday due to national security concerns.

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Neuralink allows a monkey to play Pong with its brain 

When Elon Musk isn’t attempting to revolutionise the car industry with Tesla or take humanity to Mars with SpaceX, he likes to relax by helping humans control computers with their brain using his other start-up Neuralink.

The company has given an update on its progress, showing a macaque monkey controlling a computer using an implant that Neuralink inserted into its brain.

The monkey, keen to receive a tasty smoothie, learns to control the games on-screen by moving a joystick. 

Neuralink learns how the monkey’s brain issues controls to its arm to move the joystick, and eventually the joystick was unplugged and removed, leaving the monkey able to control the game using just its brain.

Musk’s plan is for Neuralink to eventually work for humans, allowing paralysed people to type on their smartphone using their mind, for example. If the technology continues to develop, he hopes that it could help paralysed people to walk again.


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