Critic blasts Meghan Markle and Harry over ‘sad spectacle’ – Oprah ‘only winner’

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex issued scathing claims about their lives as senior members of the Royal Family during the long-awaited chat. A royal photographer has denounced the couple’s allegations, labelling the CBS special as “shocking” to watch.

Writing in the Sun, the publication’s royal photographer, Arthur Edwards, hit out at the “devastating takedown” of the Royal Family.

He added TV mogul and friend of the Sussexes Oprah Winfrey was “the only winner in this incredibly sad spectacle.”

Mr Edwards wrote: “Bombshell after bombshell dropped, in what was a devastating takedown of Harry’s family.

“Make no mistake this is a knife edge moment in recent royal history that knocks Diana’s Panorama revelations into a cocked hat.

“Harry and Meghan have the best PRs Hollywood can buy.

“I believe nothing in that interview was said by chance. I feel desperate sorrow that it’s come to this.

“Everybody has been hurt here. It wasn’t necessary to do this.”

The photographer, who has frequently toured with members of the Royal Family, went on to say the Queen and Prince Philip – who recently underwent a surgical procedure – “did not need all this right now”.

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