Covid news – live: Millions of ‘hidden’ patients this year as union warns nurses could leave NHS in pay row

Matt Hancock defends 1% pay rise for NHS staff

A former Conservative health minister has said it is the “wrong time” to be restraining the pay of NHS workers who have gone “above and beyond” during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a sign that a Conservative rebellion over the government’s 1 per cent pay rise recommendation may be brewing, MP Dr Dan Poulter called for a rethink on the proposal.

Dr Poulter, who has been assisting on the NHS frontline during the pandemic, said it was “very valid” for ministers to turn their attention to paying back the £400bn borrowed during the coronavirus crisis – but that it was the “wrong time to be making this decision”.

The government, meanwhile, has finally revealed details of the new “Declaration to Travel” – less than 60 hours before an unprecedented exit permit will be required from outbound travellers.

From Monday, anyone who enters “a port of departure to travel internationally” in England without a completed form will be committing a criminal offence – even if they are legally entitled to travel.


Six million ‘hidden’ patients could flood NHS waiting lists

As many as 6 million “hidden” patients could join the queue for NHS treatment in the coming months, swelling official waiting lists to records not seen for more than a decade, health chiefs have warned.

In the wake of a Budget that offered no new investment for the health service ministers must level with the public that previous guarantees on waiting times are now impossible to meet, the head of the NHS Confederation has said.

In an interview with The Independent, Danny Mortimer said some patients should expect to wait many months, or possibly even beyond a year, for their treatment.

Peter Stubley6 March 2021 18:52


Senate passes Biden’s Covid relief bill

Applause broke out in the US Senate on Saturday afternoon as senators voted 50-49 to pass President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion (£1.3 trillion) Covid relief package.

Not one Republican senator voted for the sweeping package, which provides direct payments to the majority of Americans and funding for states to distribute Covid-19 vaccines and ramp up testing for the coronavirus.

But Democrats remained unified in their support for the bill after the White House brokered a deal with centrists like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) that made relief payments and further economic aid more targeted than previous plans passed under former President Donald Trump.

Peter Stubley6 March 2021 18:19


Nurses could leave NHS over pay row, union warns

Large numbers of nurses who already feel undervalued could leave the profession in the wake of the escalating row over pay, it has been warned.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) suggested hard-working staff would feel that after a year spent in difficult conditions fighting coronavirus it was time to “move on”.

Ministers have been accused of snatching a 2.1 per cent pay rise, promised prior to the pandemic, from NHS workers.

Peter Stubley6 March 2021 17:33


Pubs inundated with beer garden reservations as drinkers eye end of lockdown

Pubs across England are already being inundated with drinkers wanting to book beer garden space for their big April reopening, industry insiders say.

One bar in Leeds, the Water Lane Boathouse, has reported taking 700 reservations in the space of just five hours this week.

Our north of England correspondent Colin Drury has more details:

Chiara Giordano6 March 2021 17:04


Demonstration against Irish lockdown ends peacefully

A demonstration against lockdown restrictions in Ireland has passed off peacefully.

The gathering in Cork came a week after a similar event ended in violent scenes in the capital Dublin.

There was a heavy police presence and some shops boarded up their windows as an estimated crowd of several hundred gathered on Patrick Street.

Checkpoints were carried out by Garda on routes to Cork, and organisers have claimed that some who had been planning to attend the demonstration were turned back.

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People take part in a demonstration against lockdown restrictions in Cork city centre, Ireland

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People take part in a demonstration against lockdown restrictions in Cork city centre, Ireland

(Niall Carson/PA)

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A store in Cork city centre, Ireland, boards up its windows ahead of a demonstration against lockdown restrictions

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A store in Cork city centre, Ireland, boards up its windows ahead of a demonstration against lockdown restrictions

(Niall Carson/PA)

Chiara Giordano6 March 2021 16:52


UK Covid death toll rises by 158

The government said a further 158 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19 as of today, bringing the UK total to 124,419.

The government also said that, as of 9am on Saturday, there had been a further 6,040 lab-confirmed cases in the UK.

Chiara Giordano6 March 2021 16:18


Latest NHS England vaccination data

NHS England data shows a total of 2,333,627 jabs were given to people in London between December 8 and March 5, including 2,229,397 first doses and 104,230 second doses.

This compares with 3,603,903 first doses and 134,215 second doses given to people in the Midlands, a total of 3,738,118.

The breakdown for the other regions is:

East of England – 2,187,221 first doses and 92,442 second doses (making 2,279,663 in total)

North East and Yorkshire – 2,851,663 first and 118,331 second doses (2,969,994)

North West – 2,423,793 first and 94,982 second doses (2,518,775)

South East – 2,980,223 first and 129,116 second doses (3,109,339)

South West – 2,122,425 first and 92,461 second doses (2,214,886)

Chiara Giordano6 March 2021 16:04


422,916 more vaccinations take place in England

A total of 19,258,271 Covid-19 vaccinations took place in England between December 8 and March 5, according to provisional NHS England data, including first and second doses, which is a rise of 422,916 on the previous day’s figures.

Of this number, 18,491,771 were the first dose of a vaccine, a rise of 385,681 on the previous day, while 766,500 were a second dose, an increase of 37,235.

Chiara Giordano6 March 2021 15:38


Swedish police break up coronavirus demonstration in Stockholm

Police in Sweden have been dispersing hundreds of demonstrators staging a protest in the capital Stockholm in defiance of a ban on large gatherings.

Police blocked a bridge in the centre of the city and said on their website they were in dialogue with organisers to persuade demonstrators to disperse.

TV images showed police shoving some protesters, while the police said one officer had been slightly injured and taken to hospital.

Chiara Giordano6 March 2021 15:22


Piers Morgan has first Covid jab and praises ‘efficient’ NHS staff

Piers Morgan has praised his “amazingly efficient” experience of being vaccinated against coronavirus today.

The presenter was given the jab at the Violet Melchett Centre in Chelsea, southwest London, and even found time to joke it was not as painful as working alongside his Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid.

Find video footage and more details in this article:

Chiara Giordano6 March 2021 15:03

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