Camilla tells fans one thing she ‘loves’ to do with her grandkids in heartfelt post

The 73-year-old Duchess can boast five of her own, as well as four from her marriage to Prince Charles. She will soon welcome another child to the family – when Meghan gives birth to her daughter later this year. The Duchess of Cornwall shared with royal fans on social media the activity she most enjoys doing with her grandkids.

In a post to her Reading Room Instagram page, Camilla said she loves reading to them.

The Duchess wrote: “I read to my children and now I read to my grandchildren.

“I love it. I read to them when they were absolutely tiny.

“And they’ve got older and older and older, and now they actually read to me!”

Camilla launched the ‘Reading Room’ in December, after getting positive feedback to her book recommendations, which she had made to help the public get through the lockdown.

The Duchess is also a patron of the charity Beanstalk, that fosters reading skills in children.

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In her Instagram post, the Duchess referenced the charity, praising it for the difference it had made to many children’s lives.

She said: “The difference it made to their lives.

“It’s so important to just read from an early age.”

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