Anne Hegerty mocks Twitter ‘upset’ at Union flag on Morrisons’ porridge – ‘Intimidation!’

Another user retweeted this post, and typed: “Please tell me this is a parody account. Intimidated by s**ding porridge.”

Anne questioned in view of her 151,000 followers whether the original author of the post was upset over the Irish branding on the Flahavans box of porridge, or only the Mornflake one including a photograph of the Union Jack.

She said: “Is it the Irish porridge that’s upsetting them, or does it only apply to the British one?”

The person who had retweeted the “upset” user’s observations typed back: “Considering that the people who get upset about such things often have Irish tricolours & Scottish saltires in their bios (along with EU flags), I doubt it.”

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