Andrea Bocelli: Veronica explains how their marriage works as his wife AND manager

She was a student at the time, about to sit exams. Andrea says he knew immediately that they were meant for each other.

He sang her the aria Occhi Di Fata (Fairy’s Eyes) and begged her to stay when she said she needed to get home and study for exams.

Andrea recalled: “It was the quickest, speediest start, because we moved in with each other that same night.”

Veronica was just 19 at the time and Andrea has openly discussed the 25-year age gap.

He said: “Big age gaps are a tradition in my family — my own father and mother have one.”

At the time, Andrea had just separated from Enrica Cenzatti, his first wife and te mother of his sons Matteo and Amos, who were five and seven at the time. 

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